“Understanding commercial painting and why it is important can help you choose the right painting contractors. It is different than residential painting because commercial is a business to business painting solution that encompasses different things.  First of all, commercial painting is for businesses. A business usually owns a commercial property, and commercial painters like us would be the right choice because that’s what we specialize in.  Secondly, many commercial spaces are really tricky to paint. This makes it very important to have seasoned pros that know how to maneuver around to make every little spot look super professional.  Color is everything to your business. There have been studies that show more productivity using certain shades of colors. And there’s a psychology of colors for your customers as well. The professional painter that you contact should include all of that in their plan.  A seasoned veteran will give you options to choose from. Colors are an important part of the decision process and ultimately will build your brand the way you envision it. Be sure to have the exact color palette numbers to match what you are looking for.  Another big difference is scheduling the paint job itself. Mainly for commercial painting jobs, the professional painter needs to work around the business’ office hours so they do not disrupt their work  However, residential painting is for the general population that needs their house, apartment, shed, deck or anything personal that they own painted.” (https://www.quora.com/What-is-commercial-painting)

Residential Painters vs Commercial Painters – What’s the Difference?

What Exactly is Commercial Painting