Exterior Painting is the main focus when the weather is good (sunny) and that is when we do a lot of siding, decks and roofing too.  Da-Vinci does it all.  Most painting companies need to get additional outside help if there are any construction needs for the job at hand, and this can mean delays if the painting can not resume until, for instance, a window needs replacement, or a new door needs installing. That is not an issue with Da-Vinci they are the 5 star, one-stop paint, and construction solution.

When Da-Vinci Painting outlines the steps of what it takes to paint your house the best way you will see he goes a bit farther than many residential house painting companies.  We always start with power – pressure washing the full exterior surface that is to be painted.  The only time this would not take place is if your home is older than 1978, homes this age may have lead in the paint that was used on them. Power washing and cleaning your house gives the siding, trim, windows, and doors a good clean and sound surface to paint on.  This clean surface helps the paint adhere the way it was designed so unwashed areas containing dust and other elements might make the paint bubble and lift away from the surface.


Lead Based Baint and How Da-Vinci Manages This Process ​ Safely For Your Family

Homes built before 1978 likely contains lead-based paint. Exposure to lead can be very harmful to you, your children, and even your pets.
Contractors in Oregon must have a Lead-Based Paint Renovation License and be Lead-Safe Certified by the EPA . Da-Vinci Painting & Construction is a Lead-Safe certified Oregon Contractor with all of the necessary equipment and expertise to perform lead-safe work on your home. Check out EPA’s Renovate Right pamphlet for more details.  Please pick a Portland Painting Company that will protect your family from lead paint issues.

Our Attention to Prep Makes Da-Vinci Painting the Best Exterior Portland Painting Company Period!

Now comes PREP; this is the most critical work; it is the foundation of a long-lasting protective paint job. We start by laying our cloth tarps around your home to keep peeling paint, old caulk, old window glazing, dirt, dust, and nails from contaminating the ground around your home. We tape and mask windows, water faucets, light fixtures, and anything else that we will not be painting.

We hand scrape and sand loose paint, old caulk, insect nests, and chipping wood. We will repair any loose features on the siding. We prime all exposed areas, this is the bare wood that is completely open to the elements and easily absorbs water. The primer is a protective barrier and helps the paint adhere to the surface better. As we are prepping we also caulk gaps where wood meets wood, gaps on flashing, and anywhere old caulking has failed. Prepping also includes pounding in loose nails, driving in wood screws where necessary, and tightening up loose boards. We help manage those cables attached to home and paint power boxes to match the overall painting color.