Residential painting is just a fancy term for house painting.  These houses typically include single family homes ranging from 1 story to 3 story.  These painting jobs depending on the size and square footage of them home can range from one to two weeks.  Residential painters typically work in smaller teams with there higher skilled painters to make sure they can get the job done quickly without loosing the quality.

Of course both commercial and residential painters are basically providing the same type of service, but there are decisions that should be made when comparing the two. Residential painters can confidently complete in-home painting tasks that usually consist of rooms in your house, whereas commercial painters are equipped to paint larger areas. Read on to learn more about the two kinds of painting that will help you understand more in-depth what the differences between them are.


The Differences Between Residential & Commercial Painting

Commercial vs. Residential Painting – What’s the Difference?

Residential Painters vs Commercial Painters – What’s the Difference?