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Da-Vinci Painting & Construction covers the entire Portland area, including the suburbs and all surrounding rural areas up to a giant 25-mile circle. No worries, we will include your home too at 26 or 30 miles we promise not to measure! Our licensing is for Oregon and Washington, so on either side of the Columbia River, you will find our skilled painting and construction team.



Da-Vinci does a broad variety of work for our neighbors. We help not only with painting but we also do roofing, siding, windows, flooring, tile, remodeling and restoration work with your insurance company.



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Exterior & Interior Painting


Most homeowners can do many repairs around their homes without professional help, but should painting the outside of their house be one of those on the list? Painting an entire house, especially the exterior painting, is a monster task. If you choose to paint the exterior of your own home, we urge you to pay special attention to prepping.  Proper  prep includes cleaning the siding surface of dust, insect nests, moss (thanks Portland), and all of the cracks, holes, gaps, and attending to damaged and rotting wood or hardi plank.  Caulk is something we pay special attention to and you should as well, it is the way to keep out weather and help keep insects from forming nests behind your siding.  Please choose paint that will stand and rule the test of time.  

Interior Painting

Interior painting is something that homeowners can successfully conquer. The trickiest task of all is painting interior ceilings, “oh my aching neck!” We have found that untrained people spend much of their time using roll after roll of tape! Using tape while painting is an attempt to do one of two things; 1. create straight lines where different colors meet. 2. Protect specific elements from being covered in paint. It takes so much time to tape everything off, and most professionals do not typically paint this way. Professional painters can paint next to wood trim, ceilings, and fixtures because repetition is the mother of experience. Think about it; our guys spend a third of their life, that is 8 hours a day perfecting their craft and steady hands. The other thing about tape is that paint sometimes bleeds under the edges and can make more of a mess!


We Handle All of Your Construction Needs

Da-Vinci Painting has added all phases of construction because it was difficult to wait to finish painting jobs that were slowed by tasks requiring other construction trades to complete the work.  In most painting jobs, there is always a little carpentry needed or plumbing. Maybe even an electrical element (light fixture, new dimmer switches) or a flooring need (carpet or tile) or cabinets installed. Does it make sense to slow these jobs down while waiting for the homeowner or painting contractor to find another company to help?


Da-Vinci Painting is proud to add construction to their name, and they get jobs done quickly and correctly because this company can do it all and with better pricing. We build and repair decks, and we help with roofing that is causing your home trouble. We can add the right siding outside to make your home a torch of jealousy on your block. Be the envy!

We offer exterior and interior house painting to all Portland, Oregon, Suburbs. We have strongly supported Lake Oswego, West Linn, Happy Valley, Sunnyside, Damascus, Southgate CPO, Clackamas, Oregon City, Clackamas, and Stafford with our 5-Star Work Ethic and Results.