Tips for Painting Trim and Doors in Your Beaverton Home

painting trim and doors beavertonPainting trim and doors in your home is a key part of painting a room and getting a result that looks polished and professional. If you’ve never taken on a home interior painting project, you may be wondering where to start. This advice will give you the basics so you can start your painting project with confidence.

Painting the Walls First or Not Is Up to You

There are about as many different opinions about the steps for painting a room–ceiling, walls, trim, doors and even floors–as there are painters. While some insist that trim and doors go first, others are committed to painting walls first. As long as you’ve done the right prep work and take your time, either should be okay.

Thorough Prep Work Is Essential

For a smooth and blemish-free finish, preparing the surfaces to be painted is key. Not only do you need to wash them well, but you also need to repair any damaged areas. The final step in preparation is to apply an even layer of primer. 

Focus On Small Areas At a Time

By concentrating on small areas, painting them with care, and then moving onto the next section, you’ll get consistent results. If you paint too far ahead and then have to backtrack, you may end up with uneven paint, dripping paint or other flaws. Completing your project in sections also allows you natural stopping places to take a break when needed.

Need Help Painting Trim and Doors in Beaverton?

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