3 Questions to Ask Before You Paint a Brick House in Portland

Paint-a-Brick-House-PortlandIf you’re seeing your neighbors reinvent their homes with a fresh coat of paint and wondering whether your brick exterior can get a similar facelift, you’re in luck. It’s definitely possible to paint a brick house. But there are a few important questions to ask yourself first. 

Are You Looking for a Permanent Change?

Brick is a rough and porous surface, and exterior paint lines every tiny pocket. Painting it is considered a permanent change because removing it is a considerable challenge that may not be successful. 

Are You Committed to Using the Right Kind of Paint?

Typical exterior paint may not give you the results you expect, so masonry paint is usually the best choice. Masonry paint is engineered to stick to brick while also providing the kind of resistance to weather that will keep it from chipping or flaking off the rough surface. 

Will You Repaint Your Brick Every Five Years?

To keep your brick home looking its best, regular repainting is key. Getting a fresh coat every five years or so is enough to maintain a reliable barrier of protection against the elements while keeping your house paint from fading.

Ready to Take the Next Step & Paint a Brick House in Portland?

We can make your brick exterior home look polished and rejuvenated with our professional painting skills and years of experience updating homes just like yours. Da-Vinci Painting & Construction is a top-rated exterior painting contractor, and our only focus is your satisfaction with your house. Our customers enjoy siding and windows, roofing and gutters, and home remodeling and restoration work, too, knowing their home is in good hands. We use only the best products and time-tested methods to ensure precision results. Contact us today for your free estimate to paint a brick house

We Paint a Brick House With the Right Materials & Techniques for a Home You’ll Love

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